<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/12/07/16/96/47/181015110057.jpg?t=1568608610"><br>Own a piece of Austin's history: the Lindemann House perched atop Robertson Hill, only a few blocks to downtown, is a true jewel in East Austin. Built in the 1880s, the home is a fine example of German domestic architectural style. Immaculately updated with refinement and style, details include long-leaf pine floors, 14' ceilings, plaster walls and authentic pressed tin roof. The floor plan offers a warm and inviting setting that encourages family gatherings and entertaining. A few years ago, The Guest house designed by Emily Little, was built for the site that holds wonderful possibilities for a pool house, studio/office or potential rental opportunity, offering an additional bed, living and kitchen facilities. Outdoor living area includes vibrant oasis pool &amp; spa with expansive patios that offer a terrific setting for entertaining and play. This is truly a special property. Exterior design features include breezy shaded porches, wide eaves and fascia detailing combining Old and New World style to create distinctive character and timeless elegance.<br>